Friday, January 27, 2012

Get ready for battle!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to my gaming/game concept blog, Bastard Sword!

First of all you might be wondering why "Bastard Sword!" is the name for this blog. It was inspired by Capcom's good 'ol RPG Breath of Fire IV. It is one of the boss battle theme in the game (aka eastern continent boss bgm). I'm really a huge fan of Breath of Fire series that I named my blog after one of it's OSTs. Anyway, this is how the bgm sounds like:

Moving on, what's gonna in this blog? Like I said before it's gonna be my gaming blog so I would often post about the current games I'm playing. I might give some personal game reviews but they won't be in depth or something. I'm not a hardcore game enthusiast yo.

There will be post about my game concept design. I usually draw RPG-ish outfit/weapons and I think this is the perfect place to display them since they are related to gaming. It's mostly inspired by MMORPGs I play like Ragnarok Online. I'm hoping to show them to you. ^^

That's it for now, the next posts will be about games, games and more games!
See you!